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I assist in various tax audits matters like HST/GST review, WSIB audits, Personal Tax, or Corporate tax audit.

No need to panic; it is only the CRA.

Due on a deadline and under threat of being fined, it is neither fun nor easy to prepare your business or personal tax return. As if this is not stressful enough, it is truly nerve wracking to receive a letter from the Canada Revenue Agency soon after filing the return. It is unnerving because you just don’t know what it is that CRA is writing to you about. Well, what follows is to help you understand the types of letters the CRA sends to taxpayers and what each of them means.

Let me be your representative with CRA:

  • Help you to prepare documentation to support your filing positions;
  • Submit documentation to CRA or Audit Examiners through CRA Represent a Client online portal;
  • Speak with CRA staff on your behalf, present your data objectively;
  • Know when to object to CRA on issues (and not to) based on tax law principles and prior tax court decisions;
  • File Notices of Objection and (or) Appeals where necessary.
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